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These were the last three events in 2015...

12. und 13. November 2015 - in Magdeburg, Germany

*****BAUSCAN 2015

Program on Thursday, 12.11.2015
16:45 - 17:45 o'clock: Subject Visualisation

Lecturer: Martin Schaich, CEO ArcTron 3D

Title: "Vianden Castle 3D (Luxembourg) - data fusion of laserscanning & photogrammetry of an airborne and terrestrial heritage documentation project."

Professional photogrammetry with your digital camera and aspect3D!

Visit also our company stand at the BauScan2015 where we will present to engineers, architects and archaeologists the latest professional photogrammetry solution for 3D digitization.

Whether you're shooting your photos from the ground or generate images from the UAV / micro drone – aspect3D computes your digital images into a photo realistically textured, high-resolution 3D model.

Talk to General Manager Martin Schaich at the ArcTron 3D booth and check out project examples of 3D documentation and photogrammetry for engineers, architects and archaeologists.

From the digital picture series to the 3D model with aspect 3D.

18. - 20. November 2015 in Cologne, Germany

International Trade Fair for Museums, Conservation and Heritage

Hall 3.2 Booth Nr. C 049

"Digitizing your Museum objects, historical architecture and archaeological excavations - and putting these objects into the spotlight via film productions or interactive multimedia". This is our leading topic at this year's EXPONATEC.

The 3D as-built documentation of cultural treasures and monuments are our core competence - museums and institutions responsible for cultural heritage worldwide trust in our experience and expertise.

At the Exponatec however we focus on the multimedia processing of 3D data. Whether your classic film documentation or exhibition content, be it entertaining or educational, for 2D or 3D interactive media – we place your object in the center of attention to attract visitors and sponsors alike!

capturing reality forum

23. - 25. November 2015 - in Salzburg

*****capturing reality 
The 3D, laserscanning and LiDAR technologies forum

Attend the talk:  "Vianden Castle 3D – Combined 3D-technologies for                                   multidimensional presentation"
Speaker: Martin Schaich, CEO of ArcTron 3D Ltd.
When: Monday, 23. November, 14:40 o’clock

Company booth Nr. 52

Generate high quality 3D models from digital photos, automatically texture and scale your pointcloud, create HD Video presentations of your 3D objects and more!

At our company booth you will experience how to create DSMs / DOMs from aerial photographs in very easy steps, how to survey buildings / facades from photo series or document objects from small to large. With aspect 3D you capture reality in a few simple steps and in extremely high resolution.

Martin Schaich, CEO of the company will be there in Salzburg to answer you questions and is available for consultation with useful and practical examples.

3D models from pictures with aspect 3D.

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